FM 96 (Haripur)

96.0 FM

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Callers are still hating on The - TNJ TYPE:OTH Dur:140000 Swap:NOLive
  • Just A Girl by No Doubt TYPE:MUS Dur:200000 Swap:NO
  • ABBT2100231R - Abbott Laboratories TYPE:COM Dur:30000 Swap:YES
  • Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen TYPE:MUS Dur:349000 Swap:NO
  • hometown by Cleopatrick TYPE:MUS Dur:256000 Swap:NO
  • Learn To Fly by Foo Fighters TYPE:MUS Dur:236000 Swap:NO
  • Can't Stop by Red Hot Chili Peppers TYPE:MUS Dur:270000 Swap:NO
  • One By One by The Blue Stones TYPE:MUS Dur:236000 Swap:NO
  • Vasoline by Stone Temple Pilots TYPE:MUS Dur:168000 Swap:NO
  • Hero by Weezer TYPE:MUS Dur:236000 Swap:NO


Owned by Corus Entertainment, FM 96 is a radio station located in London, Ontario, Canada., that broadcasts to the Southwestern Ontario. Its team of professionals includes Mark Cameron, Sarah Burke, Travis Pelletier and Bianca Marcus.


London's Best Rock

Main Programs

  • Saturday Night All Request Sexy Party
  • Legends of Classic Rock
  • Acoustic Brunch
  • FM96 London's Best Rock
  • Woodrow

Main DJs

  • Mark Cameron
  • Sarah Burke
  • Travis Pelletier
  • Bianca Marcus


380 Wellington St, #222 London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5B5
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