Radio Pakistan FM 93 (Karachi)

828 AM

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BLACKPINK - Kill This LoveLive
  • Vital Signs - Aetbaar
  • Aima Baig - Kia Mila Kia Kho Diya
  • Ali Zafar - Dekha
  • Coldplay - Hymn For The Weekend
  • Faakhir - Dil Na Lagay - Instrumental
  • Nighat Mustafa - Dil Jit Lena
  • Zain Ul Abidin - Ashko
  • Akcent - That's my name
  • Sher Miandad Khan - Naseeba Khol De


Radio Pakistan (or Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation) is the national public radio network. It was established in Islamabad in 1947, aiming to be a source of information and education to its listeners.

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