Radio Bakwas


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LISTENERs SONGS Chutney Queen Ashni -Aamir Khan-Zarina-Matadin -Renuka-& Cuttz.Live
  • Pakistani Songs   (04:51 Hrs.Trac 02)
  • KAJRI (semi classical sons) — AKB
  • Prof Adil Najam Sahib  Prg JIRGA with Saleem Safi
  • Sindhi Folk Song.mp3
  • Pakistan MUST Follow Chinese Model & Grow Economically Brig. Samson Simon Sharaf Israr Kasana.mp3
  • Albela Rahi - Alamgir Songs عالمگیر.mp3
  • Wadah Tera Sabri  Brothers Qawwal .mp3
  • Ghulam Ali - Dil mein Ik lehar si uthi hai abhi.flv....ADI MUGHAL.mp3
  • Zara Hat Kay -Perviz Hod Bhoi


This is a unique radio station with a variety of programs, from educative, recipes, meditative to partying vibes, classical music and poems. It is broadcasting from Pakistan, every day, for 24 hours.

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