Hot FM 105 (Nausheroferoz)

105.6 FM

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Being one of the largest and most popular radio networks in Pakistan, Hot FM broadcasts in several different cities such as Nausheroferoz. Focused on entertainment and information, some of its well known shows are Back 2 Back and 90s Not out.


Passion of the New Generation

Main Programs

  • Back 2 Back
  • Akbar Shahbaz
  • 90s Not out
  • Azan-e-Fajr & Tilawat-e-Kalam-e-Pak
  • B2B Aarfana Kalam & Qawwaliyan
  • Asif Riaz
  • Aks + Maanoos Ajnabi
  • Farheen Malick


Nausheroferoz, Pakistan
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