96 FM International Radio Network (Islamabad)

96.0 FM


Suno Pakistan FM 96 International Radio Network is a radio channel that started broadcasting in 2009, aiming to be a source of entertainment, information and education to the community of listeners based in several Pakistani cities.


The Voice of Peace

Main Programs

  • FM 96 Karwanda (Agricultural time)
  • Shapy gap shap (Night time Entertainment)
  • Zadakra (Learning from mistakes)
  • Staso Ghukhtana (Request Show)
  • Da Lobo Dunya (Sportsmenship)
  • Da Kor Khayast
  • Loye Malghalarey (Great Saying)
  • 96 Rangoona (Good Morning)
  • Ba Khabar Pakistan (Current Affair)
  • Rang Pa Rang (rang tarang)


International Radio Network, Islamabad, Pakistan
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